Saturday, 30 July 2011

A website which offers links to pirated movies has threatened to 'break' BT's internet filtering system if the company tries to block it.

The Motion Picture Association has applied for an injunction that would compel BT to stop its UK customers accessing Newzbin 2.

A High Court ruling on the case is expected on Thursday and may pave the way for further website blocking.

The BBC spoke to one of Newzbin 2's administrators ahead of the verdict.

He did not expect the judge to find in the website's favour.

"In most legal systems the verdict goes to the man with the biggest pile of gold," said Mr White, who represents the website but did not wish to disclose his real identity.

Breaking blocks
Newzbin 2 is a members-only site which aggregates a large amount of the illegally copied material found on Usenet discussion forums.

The original Newzbin site was closed down after a High Court ruling in 2010 ordered it to take down links to copyrighted films and TV programmes.

At the time, Mr Justice Kitchin said: "I have found that the defendant well knows that it is making available to its premium members infringing copies of films."

Mr White pledged that Newzbin 2 would attempt to "ensure continuity of service to our UK users" if a judge rules against it again.

He warned that keeping the site up may involve attempts to break BT's Cleanfeed filter, which the ISP currently uses to block access to sites featuring child sex abuse.

"Our users don't wish Cleanfeed to work and based on a preliminary technical assessment we think it will be trivially breakable. We have the sand, and if needed we will pour it in Cleanfeed's engine oil," he threatened.

BT responded: "We would be appalled if any group were to try to sabotage this technology as it helps to protect the innocent from highly offensive and illegal content."

Whiskey lifestyle

We make enough money for strippers and Jack Daniels but Ferraris may be some way off”

Mr White
Newzbin 2
Following the injunction against the original site, Newzbin was wound down. The MPA believes that Newzbin 2 is just a new name for the same group and that it has moved overseas to avoid legal challenges.

Its successor was styled as a "separate organisation" that was not UK-based and therefore not subject to the injunction.

"Newzbin and Newzbin 2 are entirely different. We have no inherited equipment or personnel. We started Newzbin 2 because we were users of the service who disagreed with what happened to them and wanted a service to replace it," said Mr White.

It does however claim the same defence as its predecessor.

"We are the Google of Usenet, that is, merely a search engine and like Google we provide links to places on the internet where infringing material may be found," said Mr White.

The Performing Rights Society For Music (PRS) is currently campaigning for legitimate search engines to highlight differences between legal and illegal content.

Links to sites that offer legal downloads would get green tags, while links to illegal download sites would be flagged in red.

Those determined to download content for free have shifted behaviour in recent months as governments tighten their laws around peer-to-peer file-sharing.

Many now opt for "file lockers" - cloud storage systems where pirated content is uploaded and made available to selected individuals. Such sites are often password protected, making their content less liable to detection.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is opposed to web blocking
While website blocking is seen by many rightsholders as the answer to the problem, it has proved controversial.

Google's chairman Eric Schmidt vowed to fight any attempts to ban such sites in the US, saying that it set a dangerous precedent which could be misused by censorious governments.

It is an argument also favoured by Newzbin 2.

"We don't think it will be confined to sites falsely accused of helping copyright infringement. It is certain that others with a censorship agenda will use the precedent set by this to require blocking of 'hate speech', libel, anorexia sites, sexism or any other ism that is trendy," said Mr White.

The decision to pursue the website via ISPs represents a change of tactic for rightsholders but the MPA is keen to stress that it does not represent an attack on service providers.

"It is the result of not being able to identify and enforce action against offshore sites - nobody knows who they are run by or exactly where they are based," it said in a statement.

"We have explored every route to get Newzbin to take down the infringing material and are left with no option but to challenge this in the courts," it added.

The MPA said that it had chosen BT because it was the UK's largest ISP.

But industry body the Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) said plans to use its filtering technology on a wider scale would not work.

"Currently CleanFeed is dealing with a small, rural road in Scotland. Trying to put Newzbin and other sites into the same blocking technology would be a bit like shutting down the M1. It is not designed to do that," ISPA council member James Blessing told BBC Radio 4's PM programme.

"Rip-off prices"
The music and film industries argue that tough action is needed on pirates because illegal downloading is destroying their businesses.

Mr White said that the movie industry's claims about losing billions of dollars of revenue to illegal downloading were "pure fiction".

He claimed that Newzbin 2 is "barely used for finding music."

"Everyone uses iTunes," he said.

His views seemed to be supported by former EMI executive Douglas C Merrill who revealed at a recent conference that his own research showed that users of the file sharing service LimeWire were also iTunes' biggest customers.

Copyright owners, said Mr White, have always fought new technologies.

"The copyright industry has run this argument against the manufacturers of Pianola rolls in the 1920s, against vinyl records in the jazz era, against cassette tapes in the 1970s and VHS tape technology in the 1980s," he said.

"If the MPA want to kill us they can do so virtually overnight and we'll tell them how: learn from the music industry and license work at non rip-off prices which the public regard as fair and in a form they find convenient," he said.

According to the MPA, Newzbin has around 700,000 members and generates an income in excess of £1m per year.

Mr White denies this.

"We make enough money for strippers and Jack Daniels but Ferraris may be some way off," he said.

Conservative MP Louise Mensch has admitted she "probably" took drugs with violinist Nigel Kennedy when she was working for record company EMI.

The MP for Corby said she had been contacted by journalists who said they knew she had taken drugs at a nightclub.

The journalists claimed to have photographs of the night in question.

Asked about the allegation, Kennedy said he did "remember having some great times" with Mrs Mensch.

Mrs Mensch, who also writes romantic novels under her maiden name Louise Bagshawe, has published an e-mail from investigative journalists accusing her of taking drugs and dancing, while drunk, with the musician during her time as a press officer for EMI a number of years ago.

She has also made public her reply to the journalists, which stated: "Although I do not remember the specific incident, this sounds highly probable... since I was in my twenties, I'm sure it was not the only incident of the kind; we all do idiotic things when young."

She later posted a message on Twitter saying her actions had been "idiotic", adding that it was "never a good idea to mess with your brain".

'Pretty scary'
In a statement, Mr Kennedy said: "I am a socialist myself but do remember having some great times with my beautiful and very clever right-wing friend when she was at EMI.

"Louise is pretty scary and I would warn anyone that it's not a good idea to mess with her."

Mrs Mensch denied another allegation that she had been sacked by EMI for writing a novel during work hours.

She said she had used a work computer outside office hours for her book, but the stated reasons for her sacking had been "leaving work early", "missing the odd day at work" and "inappropriate dress".

She also denied making "derogatory references" to her former manager at EMI in one of her books.

'Dig up dirt'
John Whittingdale, the Conservative chairman of the Commons culture committee, on which Mrs Mensch sits, said: "It seems to me Louise has been admirably up front and honest and I think her reputation and credibility are enhanced by that."

A Labour member of the committee, West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson, told BBC2's Newsnight he did not care what Mrs Mensch "did in nightclubs in the 1990s".

He added: "What she has effectively done today is give a very big finger to a... journalist who is trying to dig up dirt on her from many years ago, probably because she is involved in exposing the truth about hacking and what went on on our committee."

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who was at Oxford University at the same time as Mrs Mensch, insisted he had only ever witnessed her enjoying a "small glass of sherry".

He told Newsnight the timing of the story was suspicious, although there was no proof there was an attempt to target her because of her involvement in the hacking probe.

Mrs Mensch's profile has increased recently as a result of her involvement in the phone-hacking scandal, questioning News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch as part of the culture committee.

She also became involved in a row with former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan after accusing him of "boasting" about hacking phones in his memoir.

Mr Morgan reacted angrily and demanded she apologise, which she has now done.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A suspected armed robber stabbed to death in a botched raid was cleared of murder nine years ago.

Gary Mullings, 30, was part of a gang who stormed a florists in Old Trafford. He suffered fatal wounds during a frantic struggle. Shopkeeper Cecil Coley, 72, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

It is understood detectives are investigating whether earlier in the evening Mr Mullings’ father had been playing dominoes with Mr Coley at the shop.

We can reveal that Gary Mullings was acquitted in January 2002 of the murder of Alan Byron, aged 18, who was shot dead in a car in Longsight a year earlier. Another man was convicted and jailed for life.

The raid on the Shrewsbury Street store – which Mr Coley has run for 40 years – took place at 9.40pm on Tuesday. During the struggle, an 18-year-old man also suffered stab wounds and is being treated in hospital for his injuries. A handgun dropped by the raiders was recovered outside the shop.

As we revealed yesterday, neighbours raised the alarm after seeing Mr Mullings lying on the pavement.

He had been stabbed in the chest and was taken to Trafford General Hospital where he died a short time later. Mr Coley was also taken to hospital suffering from a suspected broken jaw sustained in the struggle. A second man, in his 60s, was taken to hospital but was later discharged.

Passer-by Lee Spiby, 30, told how he had tried to resuscitate Mr Mullings at the scene.

"I rang an ambulance and they talked me through how to do CPR for about 20 minutes before they arrived."

Mr Coley, known locally as ‘Pudding’, is a well-known figure in the local community.

We understand Mr Coley had retired from running the shop six weeks ago and handed it over to his children.

Neighbour Leon Richards, 33, said: "He is a quiet man, but a good man. He never caused anyone any trouble, he just got on with his business."

John Williams 42, who lives around the corner from the flower shop in Ayres Road, said: "He's a good guy. Everybody around here knows Pudding. I only knew him to say hello to but he was always smiling, really friendly to everyone.

"He'd just handed over the shop to his daughters but he was still always around and still very much a local character."

Neighbour Leon Patsalides said: "This is a quiet neighbourhood and that shop's been around for as long as I can remember. Everyone's so shocked and surprised and we just want to know what's going on and what's going to happen to Pudding."

Reverend Phil Rawlings of St Bride's Church in Shrewsbury Street said: "People are completely shocked and incidents like this go right again the grain of the local community.

"Old Trafford is such a nice quiet place to live now. Some time ago it did develop a bad reputation but in recent years people have worked really hard to make this a nice place to live."

Chief Supt Mark Roberts,said: "It soon became clear a number of males had fled the scene and one man was identified with stab wounds.

"A group of men had entered the shop but at this moment in time we won't speculate on exactly why. A 72-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder."

Honeymoon families welcome verdicts

The grieving parents of a British honeymoon couple shot dead on the holiday island of Antigua have spoken of their sense of relief after two men were convicted of the murders.
Relatives of Ben and Catherine Mullany, who were killed in their luxury hotel chalet in 2008, said despite justice being done they would still never be able comprehend the "senseless nature" of the newlyweds' deaths.

The outpouring of emotion came after Kaniel Martin, 23, and Avie Howell, 20, were found guilty of murdering the couple, following a two month long trial.

In a statement released after the verdict, the families said: "There is no joy at today's verdict, just a sense of relief that after three years of waiting there is justice for our children. We will never be able to comprehend the senseless nature of their deaths, the total disregard shown for human life and that no remorse has ever been shown."

Mr and Mrs Mullany were both shot in the back of the head during a dawn raid at their chalet in the five-star Cocos Hotel on the holiday island. They had only been married for just over two weeks.

Mrs Mullany, a doctor died instantly, while student physiotherapist Mr Mullany was flown back home to south Wales in a desperate attempt to save his life. But despite the efforts of his wife's medical colleagues in Swansea his life-support was turned off a week after he had been shot.

Two weeks after killing the newlyweds, Howell and Martin went on to murder 43-year-old shopkeeper Woneta Anderson.

The pair, who refused to face questioning in court, had protested their innocence throughout their trial, which saw more than 90 witnesses give evidence.

However, they were found guilty by a jury in Antigua's High Court in St John's - three years after committing the murders.

Mr and Mrs Mullany's parents broke down in tears as the jury of eight men and four delivered its verdicts - following an anxious 10 hour and 20 minute wait


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

72-year-old shopkeeper has been arrested after a man was stabbed to death in a robbery at a florists in Greater Manchester.

Police were called to the shop on Shrewsbury Street, Old Trafford, at 21:40 BST on Tuesday.

A 30-year-old man was taken to hospital with serious injuries and died a short time later.

The shopkeeper was taken to hospital with minor injuries and was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The dead man is believed to have been one of a number of men who tried to rob the shop.

'Real shock'
Police said a gun was found at the scene and was being forensically examined.

Ch Supt Mark Roberts said: "Someone in the area has been in possession of a firearm.

"It's not clear where that firearm has come from."

Neighbour Mavis Ferguson, 71, said: "I saw [the injured man] lying in the road.

"A lady from the community centre was trying to revive him but I knew he was dead. I could see the blood."

She also said she saw another man shouting: "Who has got a car? That's my brother."

Phil Rawlings, the Rector of nearby St Brides Church, said: "It's a real shock. It will have ripples right the way through the community but this place is really resilient."

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

man has been jailed for 13 years for attempting to smuggle £5.3m of cocaine through Dover.

Mail William Van Cittert concealed the drugs in 102 tape-wrapped packages under his bed on board a ship which arrived at Dover Eastern Docks in 2004.

The 40-year-old from Amsterdam was arrested and formally charged when the 100 kilos of drugs were discovered, but escaped to Holland before his trial.

He was extradited back to the UK to face charges in May and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court.

After sentencing Van Cittert, His Honour Judge James said: "The potential profits to be made from this attempt to import a massive quantity of cocaine into the UK were enormous and though you were not an organiser, you played a vital role.

Seized packages of cocaine found under the bunk of Mail William Van Cittert

"Your admissions came late in the day and only when confronted with overwhelming evidence."

Bob Gaiger, HM Revenue & Customs spokesman, added: "Our investigators were determined to find Van Cittert and to bring him back to the UK.

"The sentence handed down by the court will act as a deterrent to those involved in this type of criminal activity and clearly shows that crime doesn't pay."

44 year old Zimbabwean man has been jailed in the UK for knowingly infecting his partner

44 year old Zimbabwean man has been jailed in the UK for knowingly infecting his partner. Nkosinati Mabanda from Cannock in Staffordshire admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm by infecting the woman with HIV.

Nkosinati Mabanda had sex with nine women - seven have not been traced
The Wolverhampton Crown Court was also told that Mabanda confessed to the police that he had sex with at least eight other women although police say they have been unable to trace all of them. His victim in this case whose identity was withheld said she felt a combination of anger and relief at the sentence.
“Anger at what he has done to me and potentially other women, and relief because he has been punished for his actions. I think he should have been given life because that’s the life sentence he has given to me. What he did has had a devastating impact and will affect me every day for the rest of my life, but now I want to move on.”
In addition to the 4 year jail term Mabanda was also given an anti-social behaviour order preventing him from engaging in sex without revealing his HIV status. The UK Home Office will also be asked by the judge to consider deporting Mabanda on the completion of his sentence.

Arran Coghlan, 39, was cleared of assaulting two policemen who were investigating a burglary

His ability to escape criminal conviction has led to him being nicknamed the ‘Teflon Don’ because charges simply do not stick to him.

Charged with the brutal murder of three men and conspiracy to flood the UK with cocaine, Arran Coghlan, 39, has been cleared each time.

Now he has walked free again after charges of assaulting two police officers were dropped.

Coghlan, who insists he is a law-abiding businessman, was accused of actual bodily harm on two police officers in Greater Manchester.

One suffered a badly broken nose and the other needed several stitches to his lip after a confrontation in a back street.

Coghlan claims he thought he was being attacked by two men in dark clothing and simply hit them in the face in self defence.

Coghlan insisted he did not know the two men were police and could hardly see the two men as it was dark and there was no way of identifying them.

He said: ‘I was approached on a dark back street by two men in dark clothing. They didn’t identify themselves as police and I had no idea who they were.

‘I turned around and one was behind me. Considering this as an attack strategy, I hit the guy. The other guy then came in and they both get knocked to the floor.’

He said: ‘I was acting in self defence and I would do the same again tomorrow. The greatest crime is the inaction of a capable man.’

Cleared: Arran Coghlan has always denied allegations he is the Godfather to a vast criminal empire

Coghlan was alleged to have attacked the officers as they were investigating burglaries outside high-rise flats in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

But the charges were dropped when the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) told Liverpool Crown Court that it was no longer in the public interest to pursue the matter. The judge then ordered two not guilty verdicts to be recorded.

Teflon Don's acquittals
1996 Acquitted of the gangland murder of drug baron Chris Little, 32, dubbed the ‘Devil Dog Mobster’ because he set his rottweilers on rivals. Little, 32, was shot dead at the wheel of his Mercedes but Coghlan was cleared after telling jury he could not have been the assassin as he was playing computer games at the time of the killing.

2002 Stood trial accused of horrific murder of petty drug dealer David Barnshaw who was kidnapped, forced to drink petrol and then burnt to death in the boot of a car in September 1999. The £5m case against him and others collapsed when it was revealed police had failed to pass on vital information about another possible suspect.

2010 Arrested after Stephen ‘Aki’ Akinyemi, 36, was found lying dead in a pool of blood in the bathroom of Coghlan’s £2million Cheshire mansion. Coghlan dialled 999 and told police he had been stabbed in an unprovoked attack by Mr Akinyemi and murder charges were dropped after CPS could not prove Coghlan had not acted in self defence.

2011 Arrested for being the mastermind behind plot to flood UK with cocaine but charges later dropped for lack evidence.

2011 Charges of assaulting two police officers dropped as no longer in public interest.

Coghlan, who drives a Bentley Turbo, lives in a palatial mansion in the leafy town of Alderley Edge, Cheshire, where he rubs shoulders with Premiership footballers and soap stars.

He has always denied allegations he is the Godfather to a vast criminal empire and claims he runs a legitimate enterprise offering consultancy services to businesses.

He claims he has been victimised by detectives in a decade-long campaign to put him behind bars at all costs.

Coghlan was arrested in September last year by officers for the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) as he stepped off a flight from Amsterdam at Manchester Airport.

It was alleged he and others were heading a multi-million-pound drug smuggling ring and he was the mastermind behind a plot to flood the UK with cocaine.

But after spending nine months in prison on remand, charges were dropped at Liverpool Crown Court for lack of evidence.

As he was freed last month Coghlan - who survived an attempt on his life in a bar on New Years Day 2009 - rubbed his hands, laughed and told the judge: ‘I’ve booked a two week cruise.’

Commenting on the dropping of the assault charges, a spokesman for the CPS spokesman said their decision took into account the ‘significant amount of time’ Coghlan had spent on remand.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

British police faced new allegations Sunday that officers leaked details about terror attack victims and a murdered schoolgirl to journalists at Rupert Murdoch's felled News of the World tabloid.

The claims deepen the scandal surrounding phone-hacking at the paper, which has shaken Murdoch's global media empire, claimed the jobs of two of Britain's top police officers and dragged in Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Observer newspaper reported that survivors of the July 7, 2005 London bombings had asked lawyers to probe their belief that the capital's Metropolitan Police had sold or passed on a confidential contact list of victims.

Beverli Rhodes, chair of the Survivors Foundation Coalition, told the Observer that journalists from the paper approached survivors with false stories about how they got their details.

"Scotland Yard had the full list of survivor contact details. I am pretty sure that is how the News of the World got my home address," she said.

Four suicide bombers blew themselves up on three underground trains and a bus in the worst terror attacks on British soil, killing 52 people.

Separately the BBC reported that police had removed an officer from the inquiry into the murder of 13-year-old Milly Dowler in 2002 after information was allegedly leaked to the News of the World (NotW).

Police in Surrey, a county southwest of London, confirmed that a detective constable was accused by a colleague of inappropriately disclosing information about the case to a "retired police officer friend."

The officer "received words of advice and was removed permanently from the inquiry," the force said in a statement. It did not mention the NotW.

The tabloid has already been accused of hacking Dowler's voicemails and those of families of 7/7 victims, but this is the first time police have directly been linked to the paper's activities on the two events.

Murdoch has now closed the NotW and personally apologised to Dowler's parents.

Revlations that police employed a former NotW executive who has since been arrested over hacking claimed the jobs of Scotland Yard chief Paul Stephenson and the force's anti-terror boss John Yates a week ago.

Scotland Yard was heavily criticised for botching an initial investigation, which resulted in the jailing of the paper's former royal editor and a private investigator in 2007 but concluded he was was a "rogue reporter."

When the force bowed to pressure and reopened the probe in January it emerged that nearly 4,000 people may have had their phones hacked, including celebrities, politicians, royals and crime victims.

Other British papers were dragged into the row this weekend when former journalists at the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror -- Murdoch's main British tabloid rivals -- reportedly said phone-hacking was rife at their papers too.

But the main effects have been on Murdoch's US-based News Corporation.

In a further blow British Business Secretary Vince Cable said Sunday there were "big questions" over whether the mogul was fit to control a British broadcaster.

News Corp. was forced by the scandal to scrap its bid for full control of pay-TV giant BSkyB earlier this month.

Cable was stripped of responsibility for deciding the fate of the BSkyB deal last year after a newspaper secretly recorded him saying he was at "war" with Murdoch.

The scandal has forced out two of Murdoch's top aides: Rebekah Brooks, News of the World editor at the time of the Dowler hacking and chief of his British newspaper wing News International, and Dow Jones chief Les Hinton.

Murdoch's son James meanwhile faces calls for a police probe into evidence he gave to lawmakers last week saying he did not know hacking was more widespread.

Meanwhile premier Cameron has also come under pressure due to his decision to employ Andy Coulson, another former editor of the tabloid, as his media chief.

Coulson then quit Downing Street in January and was arrested on July 8. Ten people have been detained since January.

Securitas heist gang could get retrial after forensics officer found guilty of destroying evidence

Robbers convicted of Britain’s biggest cash heist could win a retrial after a ­forensics officer on the case was found guilty of destroying evidence.

The officer who ­collected the masks the gang used in the £53million Securitas ­robbery in 2006 has been ­disciplined for accidentally disposing of ­evidence in another case.

The officer’s actions left Kent Police with no choice but to tell the lawyers of the gang jailed for the record-breaking heist about what she had done.

Police chiefs are now ­bracing themselves for a legal fight that could see the gang ­winning a ­retrial.

Their legal teams are expected to argue that as the officer disposed of exhibits in one case, she could have done the same during their clients’ ­investigation – although there is no evidence that this happened.

Five men were jailed in the UK and another, ­cagefighter Lee Murray, in ­Morocco for the ­audacious robbery at a ­Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent.

A police source said: “The thought that these men could get their convictions quashed ­because of the actions of one officer is too ­horrendous to ­contemplate.

“This officer’s competence has been brought into question ­because of ­another case and that left us with no choice but to write to the gang’s lawyers.

“This whole affair is a massive embarrassment.”

Police recovered £21million but the rest of the cash, along with gang member Sean Lupton and several others, slipped through their fingers.

Derek Parker, Lee Murray’s British lawyer, confirmed he had received the letter from Kent Police. He said: “This has ­implications for all of those ­serving sentences for the ­robbery.

“We are seeking guidance from counsel on this.”

During the heist, in February 2006, two of the gang posed as police officers to abduct Securitas depot manager Colin Dixon, while ­others held his wife and eight-year-old son hostage at their home in Herne Bay.

The gang drove Mr Dixon to the depot and forced their way in, tying up workers as they filled a truck with cash. Staff ­described their ordeal as “brutal, horrific and traumatic”.

Stuart Royle, Jetmir Bucpapa, Roger Coutts and Lea Rusha were all jailed for life in 2008 while Emir ­Hysenaj got 20 years. In June 2010 Murray was jailed in ­Morocco – where he claimed citizenship – for 25 years.


Utøya gunman boasted of links to UK far right

Anders Behring Breivik, the man accused of the murder of at least 92 Norwegians in a bomb and gun massacre, boasted online about his discussions with the far-right English Defence League and other anti-Islamic European organisations.

The Norwegian prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, said Norwegian officials were working with foreign intelligence agencies to see if there was any international involvement in the slaughter. "We have running contact with other countries' intelligence services," he said.

Breivik was arrested on Utøya island where he shot and killed at least 85 people, mostly teenagers, at a youth summer camp for supporters of Norway's Labour party after bombing Oslo's government district just hours before. Dressed as a police officer, he ordered the teenagers to gather round him before opening fire. Survivors described how dozens of people were mown down. The massacre led to the largest death toll ever recorded by a single gunman on the rampage.

Ida Knudsen, 16, said she had been in a group of 100 who had initially run from the killer, but that was reduced to about 60 as the gunman pursued them. Eventually she was one of 12 who climbed into a boat and escaped.

Another survivor, 15-year-old Mattori Anson, described how he fled into a cabin with 40 other teenagers. They blocked the door and the killer tried to get inside. "Then he began shooting at the door." Eventually he gave up and the occupants all survived.

With the entire island a crime scene, officers were still combing the shoreline on Saturday and boats were searching the water for more bodies amid fears the toll could rise further. Police were continuing to investigate whether there had been a second gunman on the island.

The disclosure of Breivik's claimed links with far-right organisations came as details continued to emerge about the rightwing Christian fundamentalist and Freemason behind Norway's worst postwar act of violence.

It was revealed that the 32-year-old former member of the country's conservative Progress party – who had become ever more extreme in his hatred of Muslims, leftwingers and the country's political establishment – had ordered six tonnes of fertiliser in May to be used in the bombing. While police continued to interrogate Breivik, who was charged with the mass killings, evidence of his increasingly far-right world-view emerged from an article he had posted on several Scandinavian websites, including Nordisk, a site frequented by neo-Nazis, far-right radicals and Islamophobes since 2009.

The Norwegian daily VG quoted one of Breivik's friends, saying that he had become a rightwing extremist in his late 20s and was now a strong opponent of multiculturalism, expressing strong nationalistic views in online debates.

Breivik had talked admiringly online about conversations he had had with unnamed English Defence League members and the organisation Stop the Islamification of Europe (SIOE) over the success of provocative street actions leading to violence.

"I have on some occasions had discussions with SIOE and EDL and recommended them to use certain strategies," he wrote two years ago. "The tactics of the EDL are now to 'lure' an overreaction from the Jihad Youth/Extreme-Marxists, something they have succeeded in doing several times already."

Contacted by email, the EDL had not answered.

The latest disclosures came as the Norwegian prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, flew by helicopter to a hotel in the town of Sundvollen – close to the island of Utøya – where many survivors were taken and where relatives converged to reunite with loved ones or identify their dead.

"A whole world is thinking of them," Stoltenberg said, his voice cracking with emotion. He said the twin attack made Friday the deadliest day in Norway's peacetime history. "This is beyond comprehension. It's a nightmare. It's a nightmare for those who have been killed, for their mothers and fathers, family and friends."

Buildings around the capital lowered their flags to half-mast while people streamed to Oslo cathedral to light candles and lay flowers. Outside, mourners began building a makeshift altar from dug-up cobblestones. On Saturday the Queen wrote to Norway's King Harald to offer her condolences and express her shock and sadness.

Breivik's Facebook page was blocked, but a cached version describes a conservative Christian from Oslo. The profile veers between references to lofty political philosophers and gory popular films, television shows and video games. The account appears to have been set up on 17 July. The site lists no "friends" or social connections.


cousin of Leona Lewis jailed 'indefinitely' for armed robbery of massage parlour

 cousin of singer Leona Lewis, who has spent years behind bars for one of the country's worst gang sex attacks, was jailed indefinitely today for a brutal armed robbery on a massage parlour.

Adrian Henry was just 14 when he was jailed in 1997 for leading the gang rape of a 33-year-old Austrian student in Kings Cross, which was widely considered to be one of Britain's worst-ever rape cases.

The Venom gang behind the attack has links to Learco Chindamo, the killer of headmaster Philip Lawrence, who is currently facing charges of robbery himself.

After asking the victim if she could swim, Henry - who even then was 6ft 1in and 17 stone - and his three cronies callously threw her naked into a canal to drown, but she was able to swim to safety and get help.

Today, Henry was jailed indefinitely for robbing the massage parlour at gunpoint, and the court heard he had never turned his back on crime after serving 12 years for the rape.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard he was part of a gang who broke into a north London massage parlour in Kentish Town armed with a knife and handgun and threatened staff before robbing them and the takings.

Neena Crinnion, prosecuting, said the gang gained entrance into the Omega sauna, which is situated in a disused underground station, after posing as customers.

She said: 'One of them jumped on to the counter brandishing a handgun, told the owner to stay down and asked where the money was.


Friday, 22 July 2011

Nurse Rebecca Leighton has been charged with criminal damage with intent to endanger life following the deaths of five patients at Stepping Hill hospital.

The 27-year-old was accused of putting lives at risk by tampering with saline and other medicines at the NHS hospital.
She was also charged with one count of theft of medicine from the hospital. The charges came after three days of questioning by detectives from Greater Manchester Police.
Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, said: "We have now decided that there is sufficient evidence to charge Rebecca Leighton with three charges of criminal damage intending to endanger life, three charges of criminal damage being reckless as to whether life would be endangered and one charge of theft.
"These are serious charges that relate to allegations that Rebecca Leighton tampered with medical products, saline ampoules and saline bags in Stepping Hill Hospital and by doing so endangered the lives of patients.
The maximum sentence for the criminal damage charges is life imprisonment. She will appear at City Magistrates' Court on Saturday.


Security guard shot in attempted robbery at Tesco store

security guard has been shot in the leg during an attempted robbery at a Tesco Express store in Nottinghamshire.

Police were called to the store in Nottingham Road in Eastwood at about 13:30 BST after reports of an attempted robbery of cash from a security van.

The injured man was taken to hospital for treatment but his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. No-one else was injured.

The suspects made off empty-handed in a black car towards Ikea at Giltbrook.

G4S van
A spokeswoman for G4 Security, which owns the van, confirmed one of its employees had been shot.

The company has a contract to handle cash for ATM machines at Tesco stores and staff were filling up the machine at the Eastwood store when the raid took place.

In a statement, the spokeswoman said: "We understand our employee was attacked by two assailants. At least one was armed with a firearm.

"He was shot in the leg just above the kneecap. He is receiving hospital treatment for his injuries which are serious but not life-threatening."

Nottinghamshire Police have asked anyone with information about the raid to contact them.


No charges over Salford killing of intruder John Bennell

man who stabbed an intruder to death at his home in Salford will not be prosecuted, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said.

Peter Flanagan, 59, who was woken at his Pendlebury home on 22 June, "did what he believed necessary" to defend his home, the CPS ruled.

John Bennell, 27, of Hyde, died following the stabbing.

Three men from Greater Manchester, aged between 23 and 27, have been charged with aggravated burglary.


Hospital deaths: Nurse still questioned Rebecca Leighton was arrested at her home in Stockport

Detectives are continuing to question a nurse on suspicion of murder over five deaths at a hospital in Stockport.

Three men and two women, aged between 44 and 84, have all died at Stepping Hill Hospital in the past month.

Police believe their deaths are linked to the contamination of saline. Insulin was injected to 36 containers of the solution.

Officers have until 21:05 BST to hold 27-year-old Rebecca Leighton, of Heaviley in Stockport.

They could then re-apply to a magistrate for further time to question her.

She was arrested at her flat in Buxton Road early on Wednesday morning.

The police investigation initially centred on the deaths of three patients - Tracey Arden, 44, Arnold Lancaster, 71, and 84-year-old George Keep.

On Thursday, police confirmed it had widened to include two further deaths.

Derek Weaver died on Thursday morning
Derek Weaver, 83, died on Thursday morning and a woman, 84, died on 14 July.

Mr Weaver was described by his family as "a lovely gentleman".

A 41-year-old man remained critically ill in hospital.

Police are also looking at the treatment of eight other patients since 7 July.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Hopkins has said it was likely Greater Manchester Police would be asked to investigate further deaths.

He would not rule out making further arrests.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has said proceedings are under way to suspend Ms Leighton's nursing registration while she is under investigation.

scandal of the Sun, Ronnie Biggs and Scotland Yard

A newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, criminal shenanigans, a controversial relationship with Scotland Yard detectives and a furious response from the House of Commons. It all takes place in 1970 but details of an extraordinary sequence of events involving the great train robber Ronnie Biggs, the Murdoch empire and the Met police have only just been released by the National Archives.

It was the spring of 1970 and a young Murdoch was just settling in as the owner of the Sun and the News of the World. From Australia came news that another of his papers, the Melbourne Daily Mirror, had been contacted by a lawyer, supposedly acting for Biggs, who had been convicted of the 1963 great train robbery and jailed for 30 years before escaping over the wall of Wandsworth prison in 1965 and vanishing.

Biggs wanted to sell his story, using the money to set up a "trust fund" for his three children. To prove that the story was genuine, Biggs had obligingly appended a fingerprint and signature to each page of the manuscript. But how to check that the dabs were genuine?

This is when, according to Metropolitan police files just released, Scotland Yard became involved. The police were contacted by the the Sun's news editor, Brian McConnell, and invited to a meeting with the paper's editor, Larry Lamb, who had "in his possession a document regarding a crime of importance and wished to hand a copy to the assistant commissioner crime".

At the subsequent meeting at the Sun, Lamb handed the documents to Commander Wally Virgo. "He also pointed out that each page bore a fingerprint and a signature and wondered if 'the Yard' could oblige by authenticating same," according to the police report of the meeting. "He went on to say that he realised that some parts of the documents were libellous but, having taken legal advice, his newspaper would not publish anything detrimental to the police."

But what about catching Biggs, at the time one of the most wanted men in the world? "Mr Virgo made it clear to the editor that it was his bounden duty to pass any information he might receive notifying the whereabouts of Biggs to police and this the editor said he would be happy to do... Mr Lamb emphasised throughout that he had no personal contact with either Biggs or any person who might be considered his agent."

The Yard obligingly checked out the 77 typeset pages. A Commander Peat identified the fingerprint as probably those of Biggs although he thought it could have been taken from a cast or stamp of the original.

Mr Frydd of the Forensic Science Laboratory was very sceptical about the signatures which he deduced were "not in the least bit likely to have been made by Ronald Biggs." He concluded they had "certain possible female characteristics".

Advice was taken from the Met solicitor who reckoned that they could not stop publication and, if they tried, it could "lead to unfavourable comment about the police".

Virgo was deputed to return the documents and confirm their authenticity and publication went ahead.

Then came trouble from Australia. A furious commissioner of police in New South Wales, Norman Allan, rang the Yard late at night on 19 April, having learned of the imminent publication of the memoirs in Australia.

"He expressed amazement that New Scotland Yard had supported this newspaper venture and felt that it was holding both his force and ours up to ridicule," according to the Met record of the call. "He pointed out that, whilst police in both countries could not find Biggs, a solicitor had been able to receive from him his story with his fingerprint and signature. He felt that the police by confirming the authenticity of the fingerprint were in fact enabling Biggs to obtain further money to assist in his escape. He did not for a moment believe that any money from the story would be placed in a trust fund for Biggs's children."

The publication caused outrage in Britain, too. Arthur Lewis, the Labour MP for West Ham North, asked the home secretary, James Callaghan, whether he had "considered the information... showing that a newspaper has paid either Ronald Biggs or his agents money in relation to the mail bag robbery, whether he will take action against the newspaper concerned for aiding and abetting a convicted criminal".

Allan suggested the Murdoch papers were "giving comfort and aid to an escaped prisoner."

The CID seemed stung by any suggestion that they had been slow off the mark in pursuing this latest lead in the hunt for Biggs: "Police efforts to re-arrest Biggs are as intense now as ever they were. No effort is spared to achieve this object." They concluded, however, that no action could be taken against the Sun.

What Lamb and his colleagues were not to know was that Virgo came from the top end of the Yard's "dodgy geezer" scale and was soon to become a big story himself. He had been receiving £2,000 a month – plus Christmas bonus – in bribes from Soho pornographer, Jimmy Humphreys, who kept a meticulous note of all his payments. Virgo was arrested, charged, jailed for 12 years, cleared on appeal because of a misdirection by the judge, and died a few years later.

"I don't think [corrupt police] really thought of it in terms of corruption," said Peter Scott, the jewel thief dubbed "king of the cat burglars". "They just thought it was a perk."

Lamb, who gave the world the Page 3 model, died in 2000 and McConnell, who was shot and wounded when he came between a kidnapper and Princess Anne in 1974, has also gone to the newsroom in the skies.

Biggs had dealings again with the British media when the Daily Express tracked him down to Rio de Janeiro in 1974 but he avoided extradition by fathering a Brazilian son. Eventually, sick and broke, he flew back to England – courtesy of the Sun once more – to give himself up in 2001. He was released from prison in 2009 after suffering a series of strokes. This time there was no need to check his fingerprints.


COMMUNITY leader says he warned police of potential gang clashes hours before a fatal shooting on Stapleton Road.

Joe Black insists he told Avon and Somerset Constabulary that gangs from London and Birmingham had come to Bristol on the day of St Paul's Carnival and were "joining forces" with the St Paul's Blood Gang.

For several years the Blood Gang has had a feud with the High Street Gang in Easton.

At about 4am on Sunday, July 3, 21-year-old Rico Gordon was shot dead on Stapleton Road and another man and woman were shot.

Mr Gordon had come down from London and had a girlfriend in Bristol.

It is not believed the killing was connected to ongoing tensions between gangs in St Paul's in Easton but Mr Black, who used to run the Trinity Community Centre and has strong links in both communities, said: "I was told by several people who knew that gangs came down from London and Birmingham.

"I know for a fact that people at the carnival had guns in the boots of their cars. Some youngsters told me specifically where violence was going to happen – they said it was going to blow up on that part of Stapleton Road.

"I told a PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) at the carnival and she told a police officer. I don't know if anything came of it, but the police should have tried to stop it before it even started."

He added: "I was also told by someone who was on Stapleton Road that night that several people were brandishing guns before the shooting."

The 46-year-old DJ from Barton Hill added: "Since the murder, I've asked three police officers about it and all I've been told is 'I'll get back to you'.."

The shooting took place at the junction with the cut-through to Fox Road.

Mr Gordon was found dead at the scene and the injured man, from London, and woman, from Bristol, have been recovering in hospital.

So far, police have arrested six men, all from London, in connection with the crime. They have all been questioned and released on bail.

Police have said the shooting involved two groups of people from London, who are thought to have been at the carnival the previous day.

But spokeswoman Catherine Foster said: "Police received no specific intelligence relating to people carrying firearms in the local area prior to the shooting on Stapleton Road.

"A full operational policing plan is always in place for St Paul's Carnival and officers attend every year to keep residents and visitors safe.

"Police had adequate resources in place both during and after the carnival to respond to any incidents."

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Two men have been arrested in Northern Ireland in connection with the attempted murder of an unarmed Metropolitan police officer in London last week.

The pair - aged 20 and 26 - were detained on the Lisburn Road in south Belfast on Wednesday night, following the search of a house in the area.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police travelled to Northern Ireland to take the 26-year-old suspect back to London for questioning about the attempted murder.

The 20-year-old remains in custody locally, for questioning in relation to assisting offenders.

The police officer at the centre of the attack, in south Croydon on July 15, was shot in the arm during a call-out.

Officers were responding to reports of men acting suspiciously in the Kingsdown Avenue area at about 10pm that night.

Two men - aged 22 and 21 - were arrested at the scene, while a third suspect ran off.

As police gave chase, he produced a gun and opened fire - hitting one of the officers.

Detectives from Operation Trident, which deals with gun crime in the black community, were informed about the incident.

Adewale Ogunsanya - 22 and from Leigham Court Road, London - and 21-year-old Demar Provan, of no fixed abode, appeared at Croydon Magistrates' Court on July 18 charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and possession of ammunition.

The two men are now due before Croydon Crown Court on September 23.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sky News has learned that a 26-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of murdering patients at a hospital in Stockport is a nurse.

The woman was working recently at Stepping Hill Hospital where saline containers had been contaminated with insulin.
The development comes amid intense police activity at the hospital where staff had been ordered to work in pairs since the discovery.
All drugs are being double-checked and security guards have been monitoring access to medicines.
Detectives had indicated their investigations were focused on the hospital itself following the discovery that several patients had abnormally low blood sugar levels.

A map of the layout of Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport
An investigation was launched and insulin was found in a batch of 36 saline ampoules in a storeroom close to ward A1 of the hospital.
Detectives believe the insulin was deliberately injected into the saline containers which were used in drips by at least two wards.
George Keep, 84, Arnold Lancaster, 71, and 44-year-old mother-of-two Tracey Arden are believed to be victims of the tampered medicine.
A further 12 patients were affected, one is critically ill and the rest are recovering.

The woman's arrest came as news broke that another damaged saline solution was found on a maternity ward in the hospital.
But Greater Manchester Police said tests have shown it was not contaminated and that no mothers-to-be or babies were affected.
Former Stepping Hill Hospital health worker Gillian Smart told Sky News: "I thought security in there was quite tight."
She added: "Saline is fairly accessible but insulin isn't. It is a controlled drug and it is normally kept locked up.
"I have also worked in a nursing home and you have to witness other staff measuring out the dose and sign it. You have to witness it being administered to the patient as well."
Our staff are shocked, horrified and angry at what's happened. They are alarmed that a place that should be for care has become a crime scene.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The man who attacked Rupert Murdoch during his parliamentary appearance has been identified as Jonathan May-Bowles, a protester and standup comedian.

May-Bowles dramatically intervened in the committee hearing when he tried to throw a plate of white foam into Murdoch's face at close range.

He was quickly identified by friends in the UK Uncut network of activists. Although the activist group quickly distanced themselves from the protester, he is known to have been a key figure in their campaign.

"This was a lone-wolf, solitary action," said a key organiser in UK Uncut, a tax-avoidance campaigner group. "None of us knew anything about this. This has got nothing to do with UK Uncut."

However, May-Bowles is known to be among the small, close-knit group that founded UK Uncut last year.

Remarkably, the activist, who also uses the name "Jonnie Marbles", appears to have live-tweeted his assault on Murdoch. "I'm actually in this committee," he tweeted at 15.01pm, around 30 minutes into the hearing of the department of culture, media and sport committee.

At 16.51pm, seconds before the attack, he tweeted: "It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat."

Murdoch's wife, Wendi Deng, leaped up to defend her husband and appeared to hit out at May-Bowles with an open hand as security guards and police rushed across the room to apprehend him. The attack prompted gasps in the audience and the temporary adjournment of proceedings.

May-Bowles, who studied at Royal Holloway University, was led away by police in handcuffs.

In a YouTube video he posted of himself last May, May-Bowles talks about why he was going to boycott the general election in his Windsor constituency.

An activist friend said May-Bowles was arrested at a BHS department store for blowing a whistle during a UK Uncut event in December 2010.

He also runs a blog called 'Anarchish' which has as a strap line: "Because the state's not gonna smash itself."

Some friends and associates said they were not surprised he had targeted the media mogul in the midst of one of the most high-profile parliamentary appearances in decades.

A university friend who asked not to be identified said: "He is affable, but very politically minded. He has been a standup comedian for some time, which would explain the custard pie incident with Rupert Murdoch, if that is what it was."

He recalled a time when Marbles complained about the News Corp CEO's influence. "I remember one time he talked about Murdoch. He said it was a terrible thing for democracy that one man should hold so much sway."

He added: "Jonnie is such a devoted activist. I was shocked initially but then I thought: 'That's John.' It was typical but surprising."

The university friend said he was at the UK Uncut occupation at Fortnum and Mason in March, and believed that Jonnie accessed the building.

Another UK Uncut activist said: "He's very committed politically. I know him from working on a variety of different political causes. He was angry about the whole Murdoch thing, how we've got a very powerful elite in this country.

"He works on a lot of different causes. He's got a lot of time for people and he is sort of well respected and liked. He's not a lone figure – he's well known."

He added: "I'm amazed he got in there. He seems to have timed it just as the committee was becoming quite a cosy affair ... Johnny would have timed it. But I had no idea it was going to happen and I was shocked."

May-Bowles is involved in a political comedy in Camden, north London, called Lolitics.

Monday, 18 July 2011

acting prison governor has been convicted of misconduct in a public office after having a sexual relationship with an inmate.

Russell Thorne, 41, of Sutton, London, had the relationship at Downview women's prison, from 2006 to 2010.

He was cleared of another misconduct charge at Guildford Crown Court.

Co-defendant Simon Dykes, 45, of Dorking, Surrey, was cleared of three out of six misconduct charges he faced. Verdicts are awaited on three counts.

'Professional suicide'
During the trial, jurors heard Thorne, of Sinclair Drive, demanded the frightened inmate perform a sex act on him, telling her "it's an order".

The court heard the woman fell in love with the prison officer but felt she had to comply with his demands for fear of losing perks that came out of their relationship.

She told the court contraception was not used but she was paranoid she might end up pregnant, and Thorne provided her with laxatives in an attempt to prevent this.

Charges denied by Dykes, of The Paddock, Westcott, related to allegations of sex acts with six women at the jail.

Four accused him of sleeping with them and two others claimed he touched one of them and masturbated outside the other's cell.

The defendant, who was previously in the Army and had also been a fireman, said such behaviour would have been "professional suicide".

'Vulnerable young woman'
Thorne is due to be sentenced at a later date.

After Thorne was convicted, a Prison Service spokesman said: "We take the issue of staff corruption and inappropriate behaviour extremely seriously."

Det Insp Jo Sidaway, from Surrey Police, said: "I hope that this result brings confidence that those entrusted with the care of vulnerable women will be brought to justice if they abuse their position.

And Mark Leech, editor of Converse, the national newspaper for prisoners, said: "Russell Thorne is the worst kind of prison governor.

"He used his position of power to obtain sexual favours from a vulnerable young woman who clearly felt they had no choice."

The case was adjourned until Monday when jurors will continue to consider the outstanding charges against Dykes, who was granted bail.

Kirk Bradley and Tony Downes were being taken to Liverpool Crown Court when the security van they were in was targeted in a daring morning rush-hour raid.

Kirk Bradley and Tony Downes were being taken to Liverpool Crown Court, where they are on trial, when the security van they were in was targeted in a daring morning rush-hour raid.

Police issued their photos but members of the public were warned not to approach the pair if they are spotted and instead call police.

Both men were in the van when it was attacked on Trinity Way on the edge of Manchester city centre shortly after 8.30am on Monday.

Bradley and Downes, both 25 and from Liverpool, are accused of conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life and conspiracy to commit criminal damage with intent to endanger life.

They were taken out of the security van by "a number of armed, masked men", police said.

The gang made off in a Saab car, which was found abandoned in Barrow Street in Islington, Salford, a short time later.

One security guard was taken to hospital but his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Downes, of no fixed address, and Bradley, of Altfinch Close, Stockbridge Village, Merseyside, were part way through their trial with a number of other co-accused.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: "Officers are appealing for the public's assistance in tracing these two offenders, but would urge anyone who knows of their whereabouts not to approach the pair."

Boris Johnson fails to give a straight answer when he is asked whether David Cameron should resign

The Mayor of London called a press conference to talk about the resignation of John Yates, the Met Police Assistant Commissioner, when he was asked whether the Prime Minister should resign over his appointment of the former editor of the News of the World.
Johnson said: "I’m not here to discuss government appointments. Those questions you must address to government.
"I don’t think there’s a very clear read across [from Sir Paul Stephenson hiring Neil Wallis to Mr Cameron hiring Andy Coulson].
"This is a matter you must address to No 10 Downing Street."


Met's John Yates resigns over phone hacking scandal

John Yates said his responses to the mayor in 2009 had been "in good faith"

The MPs who will quiz the Murdochs
Two MPs have called for Scotland Yard's Assistant Commissioner, who in 2009 ruled out a further inquiry into the phone-hacking scandal, to resign.

armed gang has sprung two prisoners from a security van in Britain.

Police were called to Trinity Way in Manchester following reports of a prison van being attacked shortly before 8.30am. Officers found that two prisoners had been taken out of the van by “a number of armed, masked men”.

The gang made off in a Saab, which was found abandoned in Barrow Street in Islington, Salford, a short time later. One security guard was taken to hospital but his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, police said.

Appealing for information, Det Sgt Paul Copplestone said: “We are sure that this incident was witnessed by many people at a very busy time of the morning. The Saab was driven off towards the M602 motorway.

In May this year, three prisoners escaped from a security van in Lancashire when they climbed out through the skylights in their individual cells inside the vehicle.

Two were quickly caught, but convicted robber John Paul William (35) managed to evade the authorities for seven days and was spotted on CCTV on a bus in Manchester.

In May last year, Richard Smith (29), from Salford, who was charged with conspiracy to commit arson, was sprung from a prison van outside Salford Magistrates’ Court. He fled to Spain but was arrested in Alicante and extradited back to the United Kingdom in November last year.

Two men have been charged in connection with the shooting of a police officer in south London.

Three men are being held in connection with the shooting
He was hit by a bullet when one of the suspects opened fire on police in Kingsdown Avenue, south Croydon, at around 10pm on Friday night.
His injuries were not life threatening and and he is in a stable condition at a south London hospital.
Officers were called to the street following reports of a group of men acting suspiciously.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "Officers attended and on arrival three suspects ran off.
It is sad that an unarmed officer has been shot whilst performing his duty to the public. Our thoughts are with him and his family.
Territorial Policing Commander Tony Eastaugh
"As officers chased the suspects on foot, one suspect produced a handgun and shots were fired.
"One officer, a male Pc, sustained an arm injury."
The unnamed Pc is based with the Croydon borough Response Team.
A 22-year-old and 21-year-old have been charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and possession of ammunition.
They are due to appear at Croydon Magistrates Court on Monday.
Another man, aged 18, has been released on bail.
Territorial Policing Commander Tony Eastaugh said: "I am outstandingly proud of our officers who put themselves in positions of danger on a daily basis to protect the communities of London.
"It is sad that an unarmed officer has been shot whilst performing his duty to the public. Our thoughts are with him and his family."
Detectives from Operation Trident, which deals with gun crime in the black community, have been informed about the incident.
Another Pc, Nigel Albuery, 34, was stabbed in Croydon on May 19 after stopping a gang of youths while on plain clothes patrol.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

LIVERPOOL drug gangs are thought to be behind a series of shootings that have plagued the city this week.

Since Monday, police have been called out to five shootings – two in Anfield, one in Tuebrook, one in Walton and one in Fazakerley.

Although spread out across the north of the city, police believe the shootings are “orchestrated attacks” between rival drug gangs and they fear if the spate continues an innocent member of the public will soon be caught in the crossfire.

Two of the attacks have taken place in the middle of the day and seen gunmen on bikes recklessly open fire towards moving cars.
In other incidents houses, including one home to four children, were blasted.

Matrix officers have locked up eight people so far this week and recovered seven loaded guns – three revolvers, three self-loading pistols including one with a silencer, and a sawn-off shotgun.

Police also found a stash of ammunition in Fazakerley yesterday. A total of 200 rounds of 9mm bullets were discovered in Hawksmoor Park.

Det Chief Supt Tony Doherty, head of Matrix, said: “This isn’t just kids with guns riding round shooting off at each other.

“We believe this is properly orchestrated factional disputes over drug territories.

“It’s further evidence for us that we have criminal groups ‘taxing’ each other for drugs, stealing each others crops and money. We are seeing they are resorting to firearms very quickly and are totally reckless in the way they are being used.

“It is really worrying for us. We have had no injuries so far, but that is more by luck than anything else.

Metropolitan Police chief Sir Paul Stephenson has resigned.

Sir Paul announced his resignation at a press conference this evening in the wake of revelations that he received a £12k spa break where News of the World hacking suspect Neil Wallis was a PR consultant.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner was already under pressure after it emerged that he hired Mr Wallis as a PR consultant for the force.

Scotland Yard denied that it was the 60-year-old ex-journalist who had arranged the stay for the top officer as he recovered from surgery.

Stephen Purdew the managing director laid on the stay at the resort to provide him with the accommodation.

But the disclosure will raise further questions about Sir Paul's judgment, days after he faced a dressing down from London Mayor Boris Johnson over the PR contract.

Mid-range premier double rooms at the exclusive health resort cost £598 per person in Tring, Hertfordshire.

Neil Wallis - known as Wolfman for his no-nonsense approach in the newsroom - was paid £24,000 by the Met Police in 2009 and 2010 for 'provide strategic communication advice and support'.

His contract was cancelled less than six months before the launch of the Operation Weeting investigation into phone hacking.

The ex-journalist, who was Andy Coulson's deputy editor, was arrested on suspicion of intercepting mobile phones in a dawn swoop on his home in Chiswick, west London on Thursday. He was later released on bail.

After leaving the News of the World in 2009, Mr Wallis had created the set up his own PR consultancy Chamy Media.

Home Secretary Theresa May is to tell MPs about her "concerns" over the Metropolitan Police's hiring of an ex-News of the World journalist.

The statement, on Monday, follows revelations that Neil Wallis, who is currently on bail over phone hacking allegations, advised the force on PR.

Labour said the episode had left a "cloud" over the Met and called for action to restore public confidence.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said questions had to be answered fully.

Mrs May will address MPs on Monday, following criticisms that links between News International, which owned the News of the World before its closure last week, and the Met have become too close.

This comes amid allegations of widespread phone hacking by the News of the World and of payments to police by journalists working for titles owned by News International.

Meanwhile, the Met's commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, is expected to appear before the Commons home affairs select committee on Tuesday.

He is under pressure following revelations that he once hired Mr Wallis - a former News of the World deputy editor who was arrested recently on suspicion of intercepting mobile phone voicemails - as a PR consultant for the Met.

Mr Wallis's media consultancy company - Chamy Media - was used by the force from October 2009 until September last year.

He was paid £24,000 to work as a two-day-a-month PR, until his contract was cancelled four months before the launch of the Operation Weeting investigation into phone hacking began in January this year.

'Full disclosure'
As part of the contract, Mr Wallis advised the Commissioner's Office, and the Directorate of Public Affairs and Specialist Operations, working closely with Assistant Commissioner John Yates, who led an earlier Met inquiry into News of the World phone hacking.

Nick Clegg on reforming newspaper ownership after phone hacking allegations
Home Office minister James Brokenshire told Sky News: "I think there are questions of the Metropolitan Police's relationship with Chamy Media and also with Mr Wallis.

"The home secretary wrote to Paul Stephenson to gain further information around that at the end of last week. The Metropolitan Police have replied to that.

"The home secretary does have some concerns still in relation to the Metropolitan Police's relationship with Chamy Media and will be making a statement to Parliament tomorrow around that to set out the issues."

Asked whether the government had confidence in Sir Paul, he replied: "We think he's been doing a very good job. We think he continues to do a good job."

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper told BBC One's Andrew Marr show: "There is a cloud created over the Met as a result of this. And I do think both the Met leadership and also the home secretary need to take some action now.

"She should be demanding full disclosure. She should be setting out what action the Met needs to take in order to restore that confidence. And at the moment she seems to be doing the opposite, she's saying all of this can wait until the judicial inquiry. It cannot possibly wait for what could be years."

'Losing faith'
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he was "incredibly worried" about the impact of recent stories on confidence in the police.

He added: "When the public starts losing faith in the police it's altogether much more serious and we really are in some trouble.

"That's why I think it's very important the commissioner should answer the questions which are being put to him by the home secretary and answer them very fully."

Asked whether the positions of Sir Paul and Mr Yates were tenable, he added: "I'm not going to judge them until they have answered the questions which are being put to them."

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times reports that Mr Wallis was working as a public relations consultant for Champneys health spa when Sir Paul recuperated from surgery there earlier this year.

The Met acknowledged that Sir Paul had stayed at Champneys, while he recovered from a fractured leg caused by an operation to remove a pre-cancerous tumour.

But a spokesperson said: "As with many officers, the Met paid the intensive physiotherapy costs.

"The accommodation and meals were arranged and provided by Stephen Purdew, MD of Champneys, who is a personal family friend who has no connection with, or links to, his [Sir Paul's] professional life."

The force said Sir Paul had been unaware that Mr Wallis had worked as Champneys' PR consultant.

It added that the free stay had been recorded in the senior officer's gifts and hospitality register, due to be published shortly, when he returned to his post.

Mr Purdew, of Champneys, last said he was "outraged" by suggestions the stay had been arranged by Mr Wallis.

Rebekah Brooks has been arrested in connection with allegations phone hacking and corruption at the News of the World.

The paper's former editor was arrested at noon by appointment at a London police station.
She was arrested by detectives from both Operation Weeting, the hacking probe, and Operation Elveden, the investigation into allegations police were paid for information.
A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said "At approximately 12.00 hrs a 43-year-old woman was arrested by appointment at a London police station by officers from Operation Weeting together with officers from Operation Elveden. She is currently in custody.
"She was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications, contrary to Section1(1) Criminal Law Act 1977 and on suspicion of corruption allegations contrary to Section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906.
"It would be inappropriate to discuss any further details regarding these cases at this time."


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Metropolitan Police commissioner has defended a dinner with a News of the World executive during the force's first phone-hacking inquiry.

Metropolitan Police car with smashed bonnet - Mouse Mat Art247 Highest Quality Natural Rubber Mouse Mats - 250 x 190 x 6mmSir Paul Stephenson met the paper's executive editor Neil Wallis on 1 September 2006, the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) was told.

Sir Paul said he had "no involvement" with the inquiry at the time.

MPA member Caroline Pidgeon said it was "extraordinary" Sir Paul was "wined and dined" when he had 69 press officers.

She said any of them could have met with Mr Wallis, who was arrested on Thursday as part of a new police investigation, and who was hired as a consultant by the Met from October 2009 to September 2010.

'Satisfied with integrity'
Appearing before an emergency MPA session, Sir Paul was asked about 24 meetings - three-quarters of which were lunches or meals - he had had with representatives from the News of the World.

Sir Paul said it was important to have "appropriate relationships" with the media in order to promote the work of the Met.

But he insisted: "I do not believe on any occasion I have acted inappropriately.

You have to be whiter than white, and it does not look good that you've had dinners or lunches with News International”

Caroline Pidgeon
Metropolitan Police Authority
"I am very satisfied with my own integrity but I do accept, in matters such as this we need to acknowledge... that perceptions can be different from the reality."

Ms Pidgeon said it had taken "months and months" of Freedom of Information requests to discover the number of meetings between officers and reporters.

"It seems to me extraordinary and questionable whether it's appropriate for senior officers to have these dinners."

She added: "You have to be whiter than white, and it does not look good that you've had dinners or lunches with News International when an investigation's under way."

'Full picture needed'
London's mayor, Boris Johnson, has held "a very frank discussion" with Sir Paul about the employment of Mr Wallis as a consultant, at a cost of £24,000.

Mr Johnson's spokesperson said the forthcoming public inquiry into phone-hacking would examine the arrangement, "not least because the public needs to be reassured that this was not inappropriate".

The Met originally began an inquiry into phone hacking in 2005 after the News of the World published stories about Prince William's health.

Two people - the newspaper's royal correspondent Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire - were jailed as a result of the inquiry.

The force oversaw a review in 2009 following allegations that reporters paid private investigators to hack into thousands of phones.

It decided not to press any charges - but a fresh probe has now begun after claims that hacking was widespread.

Friday, 15 July 2011

POLICE have uncovered a body and van in the hunt for missing Wirral boxer Brett Flournoy.

Officers began excavating a remote farmland today and made the discovery earlier today just north of St Austell, Cornwall.

Mr Flournoy and his friend David Griffths disappeared last month and their families had not heard from them since Thursday, June 16.

They were known to have arrived in Cornwall around 7.30pm on June 16 but never arrived at their hotel.

Police arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of murder and he remains in custody. Detectives said he was known to the two men.

Following the discovery of the body and the van, Detective Inspector Costa Nassaris said: “We believe this is the Citroen Berlingo van we’ve been looking for, although we haven’t been able to positively identify the vehicle at this time as it has extensive fire damage and it’s currently full of soil.

"We also believe we've uncovered the remains of at least one individual. A full forensic examination is now taking place."

The families of both missing men have been updated of the latest developments.

"The forensic examination of the excavation site, the vehicle and body is a slow and painstaking process and is expected to take at least 48 hours before this element of the investigation is completed."

FOUR suspected armed robbers have been arrested after an 80-mile high-speed police chase.

The hour-long pursuit took place on back roads as well as the A691, A1(M), A177 and then the A19 from Stockton to York.

The drama began at 3pm yesterday in Consett, County Durham, when two men took money from Securicor staff as they filled a cash machine at the Tesco shop in Delves Lane.

The men, believed to have an axe, fled in a brown or maroon Honda Civic, which was later found burnt-out in Consett, then made off in a black BMW 520.

After the alarm was raised, police cars and a police helicopter chased the BMW from Consett through County Durham and North Yorkshire.

The chase, which involved officers from Durham and North Yorkshire Police, ended when the suspects crashed into bollards in Malton Way, in the Rawcliffe area of York, at about 4.10pm.

Former Derwentside District Council leader Alex Watson is a regular shopper at the Consett store. He said: “This must have been terrifying for the people who were involved and who witnessed it.

“It is something they are not going to forget and will have been very distressing for them.

“You do not expect this sort of thing to happen when you are getting your shopping in.

“It is silly and sad that people commit this sort of offence. It was broad daylight, so they must be desperate.

“There is extensive CCTV coverage all over the town and since it has been installed, crime has fallen dramatically.”

York resident Alice Greene, 23, who saw the final moments of the chase, said: “We heard the police sirens and saw police cars racing down the street and there was a helicopter flying overhead.

“There were about 12 or 15 police cars and a lot of them were from Durham.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “This is an ongoing inquiry and we will be assisting the police.”

The Securicor guards were unhurt, but said to have been suffering from shock.

Charlie Gilmour, the son of the Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, has been jailed for 16 months for going on a drink and drug-fuelled rampage

The WallCharlie Gilmour admitted violent disorder after joining thousands demonstrating in London's Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square last year.
During a day of riots he was seen hanging from a Union flag on the Cenotaph and leaping on to the bonnet of a Jaguar car that formed part of a royal convoy.
He was found on Friday to have also hurled a rubbish bin at the vehicle.
The court heard the Cambridge University student had turned to drink and drugs after being rejected by his biological father, the writer Heathcote Williams, and had taken LSD and valium in the hours leading up to the violence.
Gilmour's rock star father and mother Polly Samson watched from the public gallery as their 21-year-old son was told he must serve half the jail term behind bars.

Passing sentence at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court in Surrey, Judge Nicholas Price QC accepted that his antics at the Cenotaph on Whitehall did not form part of the violent disorder, but accused him of disrespect to the war dead.
"Such outrageous and deeply offensive behaviour gives a clear indication of how out of control you were that day," he said.
"It caused public outrage and understandably so."
His conduct at the war memorial had prompted a deluge of "vituperative and in many cases obscene" emails and other forms of communication, he told Gilmour.
These were, he added, "not just to you but, it is with deep regret, to your whole family, who were of course totally blameless."
Gilmour, who apologised afterwards for his behaviour, had claimed he had not realised the significance of the Cenotaph - an excuse the judge scoffed at.
"For a young man of your intelligence and education and background to profess to not know what the Cenotaph represents defies belief," he said.
"You have shown disrespect to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, to those who fell defending this country."
Gilmour was part of a 100-strong mob that attacked a convoy escorting the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall during last year’s student riots, the court heard on Thursday.
The Cambridge University undergraduate, who was also photographed swinging from a Union flag on the Cenotaph, leapt on the bonnet of a Jaguar carrying royal protection officers before allegedly throwing a bin at the vehicle.
Shouting slogans such as “you broke the moral law, we are going to break all the laws”, the 21-year-old son of the multi-millionaire pop star went on the rampage during a day of extreme violence in central London.
Video captured by police officers outside the Houses of Parliament showed Gilmour, from Billingshurst, West Sussex, waving a red flag and shouting political slogans. The judge watched one clip in which he was shouted: “Let them eat cake, let them eat cake, they say. We won’t eat cake, we will eat fire, ice and destruction, because we are angry, very f------ angry.”
As the clip was shown in court on Thursday, Gilmour sat in the dock giggling and covering his face with his hands in embarrassment.
On another occasion he could be seen urging the crowd to “storm Parliament” and shouting “arson”.
In addition to attacking the Royal cars, he was also part of a mob that smashed the windows at Oxford Street’s Top Shop as staff and customers cowered inside.
Gilmour, who was escorted into court by his father and his mother, Polly Samson, has already pleaded guilty to violent disorder and appeared at Kingston Crown Court for sentencing on Thursday.
The case was adjourned until today while Judge Nicholas Price QC decided whether Gilmour threw a bin at a car in the Royal convoy, which he had denied.
The judge was told that palace staff feared for the Royal couple’s safety when the convoy of three cars came under attack as the Prince and his wife made their way to the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium.
Royal protection officers and staff from the Royal household provided witness statements describing their fear as the cars were set upon by a baying crowd.
Sophie Densham, the private secretary to the Duchess of Cornwall, said she heard people shouting, “off with their heads”, “Tory scum” and “give us some money”.
Will Mackinlay, equerry to the Prince of Wales, described seeing a person with long hair, who was later identified as Gilmour, sitting on the bonnet of a Jaguar carrying royal protection officers, before watching someone hurl a bin at the car.
“I was very concerned for the safety of the convoy and the people travelling in the convoy. I was also concerned how the royal protection officers would react,” he said.
During the five-minute assault, the rear passenger window of the Royal vehicle was smashed, lime green paint was thrown over it and the Duchess was prodded in the side with a stick.
There is no evidence that Gilmour attacked the Rolls-Royce in which the Royal couple were travelling.
The student, who has just completed his second year studying history at Girton College, Cambridge, was among thousands of people who protested against plans to raise tuition fees.
The court heard that Gilmour had been identified at a number of flashpoints during the day, and was photographed attempting to set fire to a pile of newspapers outside the Supreme Court. A police officer stamped on the burning paper to put it out.
After being photographed swinging from the Cenotaph, he issued an apology describing it as his “moment of idiocy”.
In a statement, he said: “I feel nothing but shame. My intention was not to attack or defile the Cenotaph. Running along with a crowd of people who had just been violently repelled by the police, I got caught up in the spirit of the moment.”
Gilmour’s biological father is the poet and playwright Heathcote Williams but he was adopted by the pop star when his mother, a writer and journalist, remarried

Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch's most senior newspaper executive in Britain, has resigned as chief executive of News International, the British subsidiary of News Corp

Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch's most senior newspaper executive in Britain, has resigned as chief executive of News International, the British subsidiary of News Corp , Sky News reported on Friday.

Brooks had been under intense pressure to stand down over a phone hacking scandal that has rocked Murdoch's media empire.



Contamination fear as patients die

Twelve patients were wrongly given insulin in their medication which may have led to two deaths on a hospital ward, police sources said today.

Detectives were called in after staff discovered vials of saline had been contaminated at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Hospital chiefs contacted police on Tuesday after an experienced nurse reported a higher than normal number of patients on her ward with "unexplained" low blood sugar levels.

The hospital concluded that some saline ampoules had been "interfered with".

It is understood that 12 patients were affected by the contaminated batch.

An investigation is under way into the deaths of two of those patients, who were both terminally ill - a 44-year-old woman and a 71-year-old man.

Detective Superintendent Julian Ross, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "This investigation is at a very early stage and we don't know what effect, if any, the solution has had to the wellbeing of any patients.

"We have recovered a number of ampoules of solution and are working closely with the hospital to try and get to the bottom of what has happened.

"There is no need for people in the community to be unduly alarmed but I would ask anyone who might have information about what may have happened to get in touch."

A spokesman for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust said: "The hospital found that some saline ampoules had been interfered with and, as a result, commenced an immediate investigation.

"Greater Manchester Police has been asked to assist with the investigation, which is at a very early stage."

Dr Chris Burke, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust's chief executive, said: "We are now in the process of contacting patients and the relatives of those who may have been affected.

"The trust has done an initial check of all ampoules in the hospital and is carrying out a number of additional measures to safeguard patients.


head of the Metropolitan Police is facing questions over how a former News Of The World journalist came to be employed by Scotland Yard.

It has emerged that Neil Wallis, who was arrested over the hacking scandal on Thursday, was employed by the Metropolitan Police as a PR consultant.
Sir Paul Stephenson was subsequently called to an urgent meeting by London Mayor Boris Johnson for what was described as a "very frank discussion" believed to have lasted around 90 minutes.
"Sir Paul Stephenson reassured the Mayor that the investigation at Scotland Yard is proceeding as swiftly and thoroughly as possible... He explained the circumstances of the hiring on a part-time, short-term basis of Neil Wallis," a spokesman for Mr Johnson said.
However, it is believed that both agreed the decision should be referred to the inquiry into hacking announced by the Prime Minister.
Home Secretary Theresa May has written to Met Commissioner to request she is given "the full picture" on how Mr Wallis was hired.
Neil Wallis was bailed until November
Sir Paul is expected to appear before the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday.
The former deputy editor of the NOTW had been brought into the force to cover the deputy director of public affairs who was on sick leave.
It is understood Mr Wallis was employed by the Met as recently as last year, earning £24,000 for two days' work per month.
After being questioned, Mr Wallis was released on bail until November.

Murdoch goes on defensive over 'total lies by MPs

Rupert Murdoch has mounted a robust defence of New Corporation's management of the phone-hacking scandal, insisting that the company has handled the crisis "extremely well in every possible way", making only "minor mistakes".

As the FBI launched an investigation into allegations that News of the World journalists also tried to hack into the phones of victims of the 9/11 attacks in New York, Murdoch told the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by News Corp: "When I hear something going wrong I insist on it being put right."

He said that he would use his appearance before the Commons culture, media and sport committee next Tuesday to challenge "some of the things that have been said in parliament, some of which are total lies".

"We think it's important to absolutely establish our integrity in the eyes of the public … I felt that it's best just to be as transparent as possible."

Asked whether his son James – who is News Corps deputy chief operating officer – had been too slow in reacting to the crisis, Murdoch said: "I think he acted as fast as he could, the moment he could."

He said the company would establish an independent committee headed by a "distinguished non-employee" to investigate all charges of improper conduct.

Murdoch used the interview to take Gordon Brown to task for his claims that News International papers including the Sunday Times had illegally obtained information about him and his family.

He said the former prime minister had "got it entirely wrong", adding that "the Browns were always friends of ours" until the Sun withdrew its support for Labour before the last election.

He dismissed claims that News Corp was considering selling or separating off its newspaper assets as "pure and total rubbish".

Asked if he was aggravated by all the negative publicity it had attracted in recent days, he said he was "just getting annoyed ... I'll get over it. I'm tired."

Rupert and James Murdoch last night gave in to demands to appear before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee after MPs issued summonses ordering them to appear. The leader of the House, Sir George Young, had warned that in theory at least they could be fined or even imprisoned if they refused.

News International's chief executive, Rebekah Brooks, will also appear.

The launch of the FBI inquiry amounts to the first official investigation within the US into News Corporation activities. It brings the scandal within Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper division closer to his American home and to News Corp's headquarters in Manhattan.

Amid calls from US politicians and relatives of 9/11 victims for a review of the allegations. Peter King, the Republican chairman of the homeland security committee in the House of Representatives, on Wednesday wrote to the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, asking him to open an investigation of the 9/11 allegations.

In his letter King said he represented a district of New York that lost more than 150 constituents in the terror attacks. "If these allegations are proven true the conduct would merit felony charges and any person found guilty should receive the harshest sanctions available under law."

The claim that Murdoch journalists attempted to get hold of victims' phone details was made by the Mirror newspaper, which sourced the story to an unnamed former New York police officer working as a private detective, who was said to have been approached by News of the World reporters asking him to retrieve the private phone records of the dead.

The detective was reported to have declined.

It is unclear whether there is any substance to the Mirror's allegations. But relatives of 9/11 victims have expressed delight and relief that the FBI is stepping in.

Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son Christian died in the World Trade Centre attacks, said: "I'm very happy. The FBI is being very responsive in acting on our call for a full investigation."

Jim McCaffrey, a New York firefighter who lost his brother-in-law Orio Palmer, also a firefighter, on 9/11, said: "If these claims are found to be true I think it's a terrible revelation and very, very upsetting to 9/11 family members."

Even if the Mirror article is accurate, there might be a problem with moving forward with an investigation because the events were so long ago. Several legal experts including a former top lawyer for the FBI have said there is a five-year statute of limitations on prosecution under US federal wiretapping laws.


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Detectives investigating the disappearance of two men in Cornwall are questioning a man on suspicion of their double murder.

Brett Flournoy (l) and David Griffiths (r) went missing on June 16
Brett Flournoy, 31, from Merseyside, and David Griffiths, 35, from Berkshire, were last seen on June 16 and are known to have arrived in Cornwall around 7.30pm on that evening.
But they never turned up at their hotel and police now believe they have been murdered.
Police are searching the home of a 28-year-old man from St Austell who is the main suspect in the inquiry.
"Following our extensive enquiries we now believe that both David Griffiths and Brett Flournoy have come to harm," said Detective Inspector Costa Nassaris, from Devon and Cornwall Police.

"Although no bodies have been recovered our proof of life enquiries to date leads us to believe both men have been murdered.
"We have contacted David and Brett's families and their next of kin have been informed. We will continue to support their families, with their local police forces, as the enquiry continues.
"This morning, officers arrested a 28-year-old man from St Austell on suspicion of the murder of Brett Flournoy and David Griffiths. This man is currently being questioned by police and his property is being searched."
Mr Flournoy, who is understood to have been an amateur welterweight and light middleweight boxer, spent six years in the Royal Engineers before running a pub.
He is said to have lived on the Wirral in Merseyside with his partner and two children.
Friends had set up a Facebook page appealing for help to find him.
The men are reported to have been heading to Cornwall for a night out in Newquay or St Austell after meeting up at a car park on the Plymouth side of the Tamar Bridge on the night they disappeared.
Police believe they were travelling in a white Citroen Berlingo van, registration A10 VVR, with the words "Tile Style" written in brown lettering on both sides.
Although no bodies have been recovered our proof of life enquiries to date leads us to believe both men have been murdered.
Detective Inspector Costa Nassaris, Devon and Cornwall Police
David Griffiths was originally from Plymouth but had since moved to Berkshire with his family.
Appealing for information last week, his mother, Janet Griffiths, said: "David was travelling to Devon and Cornwall with his friend but they have not made any contact with us.
"David lives in Berkshire with his partner and three children and for him not to be in touch with them is unheard of.
"It is completely out of character and our family is extremely worried about his safety.
"We would urge anyone with any information, no matter how small to contact the police straight away. 
"We just want David home."
Mr Griffiths is described as 5'11" tall, of large build, and with shaved ginger hair while Mr Flournoy is 5'9" with a slim build, shaven head, and stubble. He has three distinctive tattoos: a yin and yang on his right arm, Celtic design on his left arm, and an angel on his left leg.

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(1) Customs officers 'told not to look for smugglers at Heathrow (1) Customs officials at Heathrow ignore drug smugglers (1) DETECTIVES investigating the murder of Joanna Yeates have called in the team of forensic experts that helped catch the killer of Rachel Nickell (1) Dane Bowers is arrested over alleged drug dealing at cage-fighting events (1) Danny Fitzsimons (1) Dartford and Canterbury (1) Dead MI6 worker visited bondage sites (1) Decks cleared for Dewani`s extradition to SA over wife`s murder conspiracy: (1) Delay in Briton's Iraq murder tria (1) Dentist Colin Howell admits double murder treated as suicide pact for 20 years (1) Detectives are investigating up to a dozen nurseries in the west of Scotland believed to be linked with gangsters (1) Detectives arrest two and make car appeal over Boxing Day shooting (1) Detectives have been granted another 36 hours to question a man who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murder. (1) Detectives looking into the death are expected to examine at least one threatening message placed on website Bebo. (1) Dior suspends John Galliano after arrest for street abuse (1) Diplomatic investigation is under way after former world boxing featherweight champion Scott Harrison’s bid to be transferred from a Spanish jail to Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow was halted. (1) Dozens arrested after police anti-drugs raids across Sussex (1) Dozens arrested in drug and gang operation in Sheffield (1) Dr Colin Howell (1) Drug gang king pin jailed over 22 tonnes of cocaine and cannabis (1) Drug gangs in England exporting gun culture to Wales (1) Drug gangs target cruise ships (1) Drug-dealer jailed for Redhill flat murder (1) Drug-smuggling former prison officer loses appeal against sentence (1) Drugs seized and 15 arrests in Merseyside Police raids (1) Drugs worth £500 (1) Dundee (1) Durham city undercover cop (1) East Dulwich bus murder victim 'stabbed 24 times' (1) East Kilbride (1) EastEnders actor bragged on Celebrity Mastermind about committing crime (1) Eddie Boyd will never walk again after the bungled gangland hit in his home (1) Eddie Lyons has been given his first ever court sentence (1) Edward Pybis (1) Eight bales of the drug were thrown overboard (1) Eighth arrest in Limerick murder inquiry (1) Elite crime unit's database of one million suspects 'breaks the law' (1) Elizabeth Veysey went into the jail with cannabis resin hidden under her skirt (1) Emmanuel Ganpot (1) EuroMillions winners 'terrified of being kidnapped' (1) Ex-United man Wallwork arrested (1) Ex-club owner Gary Robb finally admits guilt: (1) Ex-soldier found guilty of trying to murder wife with grenade (1) Ex-undercover Pc Mark Kennedy 'living in fear': (1) Expenses MPs must face trial (1) Eynsham (1) Farmers are claiming that the British and Americans are responsible for the outbreak of the poppy plague (1) Farmhouse killer Jeremy Bamber faces dying in prison (1) Fazakerley murder victim Joey Cummins survived previous attempt on life in street shotgun attack (1) Fife (1) Finchley (1) Five arrested in Leicester over 'violent' gem raids (1) Five guilty of Lincoln man's killing (1) Five held over Michaela McAreavey murder denied bail (1) Flint Mountain. (1) Ford prison riot adds to chequered history (1) Forfar man Christopher McIntosh jailed over heroin trafficking (1) Four Sussex men suspected of attempted murder after pub brawl (1) Four arrested as police raid wedding ceremony (1) Four in court over teenage footballer's murder (1) Four men arrested on suspicion of murder (1) Four men jailed over Manchester street stabbing murder (1) France (1) Fraud prevention detectives have today (1) Gallaghers' dad gets cop warning (1) Galo Bemudez (1) Gang caught loading van with 100kgs of heroin (1) Gang shootings and fights ‘commonplace’ (1) Gang war results in one death and five injured on the streets of Folkestone (1) Gangs of muggers stole thousands from student protesters (1) Gardai arrest 45 people over drug trafficking (1) Gardaí continue to quiz three over weapons (1) Garry Waring (1) Gipsy Hill murder: Six jailed for shooting 'peacemaker' (1) Girl (1) Gorleston (1) Great Yarmouth (1) Gun gangs targeted in police swoops (1) Gunman jailed for attempted murder in Bolton (1) Gunmen Christopher Bailiff (1) Gypsy gangs train five-year-olds to pickpocket on the streets of Britain (1) Harold Landry murder trial: (1) Hate crime figures paint a grim portrait of life in Britain (1) Hertfordshire Constabulary's ANPR Intercept Team stopped a vehicle travelling on the M11 near Bishop's Stortford (1) Holidaymakers flee Tunisia violence: (1) Honeymoon bride Anni Dewani's text 6 days before murder (1) Honour kill pair jailed (1) Ian Bowrem (1) Ian Griffin (1) Inside the Violent World of Britain’s Street Gangs (1) Jail for truckers in £2.3m drugs and gun smuggling gang (1) Jail increase for £53m Securitas raid matermind (1) Jail threat to Cumbrian gang-fight man (1) James 'Pancake' Taylor (1) Jamie Daniel is thought to be worth £10million (1) Jamie ‘The Iceman’ Stevenson in fight over stress files (1) Jeremy_Bamber (1) Jilted teenager who stabbed Asha Muneer to death facing life in jail (1) Jo Yeates Murder Accused Remanded (1) Jo Yeates murder inquiry: Arrested man still held (1) Jo Yeates murder: Hunt is like a jigsaw with pieces missing (1) Jo Yeates murder: New evidence uncovered (1) Jo Yeates: Accused Back In Court (1) Joanna Brown's husband charged with her murder (1) Joanna Yeates 'may have been strangled with own sock' (1) Joanna Yeates murder suspect Vincent Tabak 'had split with girlfriend (1) Joanna Yeates murder: Mother wants to play Jo in Crimewatch reconstruction | (1) Joanna Yeates murder: Similarities to unsolved murder of Glenis Carruthers in 1974 | Mail Online (1) Joseph Buckley (1) Just one criminal jailed for every 96 crimes (1) KERRY KATONA has been left devastated after her home was raided by thieves (1) Khuram Antonio Khan Garcia (1) Kitted out in body armour (1) Lancashire (1) Lancaster (1) Lance Lewis (1) Latvian man (1) Laurence Henry Shaw (1) Lawrence Taylor Co Ltd are believed to have cold-called investors (1) Layabout son killed parents over hangover row - (1) Lee Wallace (1) Leyland (1) Limerick double murder investigated (1) Lincoln arrests edge police closer to cracking drug syndicate (1) Liquidators to the Weavering Macro Fixed Income hedge fund were appointed in March (1) Liverpool drivers could hold key to solving Eddie Pybis murder (1) Liverpool teenager charged with stabbing murder (1) London fears new wave of gang deaths (1) Lostock Hall (1) Madeleine McCann is in America Private investigator claims (1) Magdalena Januszeska murder suspect arrested in Malton (1) Maidenhead arson murderer jailed for life (1) Man arrested over Bradford prostitute murders (1) Man arrested over murder of exiled Pakistani politician (1) Man bailed over "murder in the mist" killing of Liverpool FC fan Joey Cummins (1) Man released in Louth murder investigation (1) Man shot dead in Liverpool street (1) Mark Woodward (1) Martin Day (1) Matthew Clement (1) Mesut Karakas was under investigation for alleged corruption when he was secretly recorded discussing the kidnap and plot lines from the hit US TV series (1) Michael Caine puts Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan to shame (1) Michaela McAreavey murder accused held in Mauritius Alcatraz (1) Millionaire jailed for ex-wife murder bid (1) Miss Gentle (1) Missing Joanna Yeates: Similarities to Melanie murder are frightening (1) More arrests over Cheltenham iPhone murder (1) More than one murder a week is committed by a thug on bail (1) Murder case extradition ruling due (1) Murder investigation launched as post-mortem reveals Joanna Yeates was strangled (1) Murder probe after street stabbing (1) Mzoli's is in a dangerous area at night (1) NDLEA arrests first drug trafficker in 2011 (1) NRI man sentenced to life for murdering his wife (1) Naked Charles Bronson covered himself in butter (1) Naming of journalists in hacking scandal ordered (1) Napoli gangs attack Liverpool fans (1) New Asian sex slave gang arrests (1) New witness 'saw killers leave murder room' (1) Newly-wed cleared of murder after five months marriage (1) Newlywed Briton's wife killed after armed robbers hijack taxi in South Africa (1) Nightingale Road in Eston and West Dyke Road in Redcar (1) Nikitta Grender murder: Man (1) Nine arrests in York drug raids (1) Norfolk (1) Norwich area (1) Now Ian Huntley throat-slitter is held over prison murder of notorious child sex killer (1) One brother acquitted of Co Laois murder (1) Organised Crime Group sentenced to 39 years (1) POLICE have arrested a man in connection with the killing of Robertsbridge dad Julian Gardner (1) PSNI officer link to Dungannon murder case (1) Pat Finucane murder probe moves steps closer (1) Pentney (1) Pet crematorium owner Emma Bent pocketed cash and dumped pets in ditches (1) Plaistow (1) Police 'determined' to catch killer of Liverpool man (1) Police arrest 22 in Essex and east London drugs raids (1) Police arrest 44 in Gwent day of action (1) Police chief Jim Trotman 'set fire to car and tried to blame lover's husband' (1) Police crime scene officer killed in horror crash (1) Police dismiss link between Bannatyne’s shooting and ‘gangland’ crime (1) Police force plans to axe community officers (1) Police have identified 17 organised crime gangs (1) Police investigate attempted murder after car hits man (1) Police probe as cousin of gangster Stewart 'Speccy' Boyd found dead on woodland path (1) Police searching for the body of Mrs Brown last night sealed off part of Windsor Great Park as her husband was charged with her murder (1) Police shoot gunman dead after West Yorkshire siege (1) Police suspect murder after youth hit by bus (1) Police swoop in Haydock in 'organised crime' crackdown (1) Police want to trace a taxi driver (1) Police want to trace brothers over Salford stabbing (1) Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha claimed Mr Ross was tortured for 13 days before escaping from his captors in the village of Boliqueime (1) Prison Officers' Association said the violence started after staff tried to breathalyse prisoners. (1) Probe into crash link to Musselbrugh pub manager murder (1) Professor Green (1) Proportionately more criminals in Britain are sentenced for violent and sexual offences than in most other European countries. (1) RAF servicemen jailed for cigarette smuggling scam (1) Racist gang's glass attack raises fears of pub owners (1) Reggie (1) Robert Nairac trial views TV interview with murder accused (1) Royal car attack: Duchess of Cornwall laughs off student protest fees scare (1) SIX MEMBERS of a south London gang have been found guilty of the murder of 22-year-old Ezra Mills. (1) SOCA advises cruise agencies and cruise lines how to recognize signs that passengers might be inclined to smuggle drugs or other contraband (1) Sainsbury's techie jailed for loyalty card scam (1) Sally McGrath death: Arrest number two (1) Scotland pressured to free Megrahi (1) Scotland-based crime gang suspected of trafficking women to work as prostitutes in Belfast was arrested this month (1) Scots drugs gang jailed (1) Scots legal upheaval as 3500 convicts win new appeals (1) Scottish criminals 'only jailed after 40 convictions' (1) Seven arrested over drugs (1) Seven men have been arrested after detectives from the PSNI Organised Crime Branch seized £500 (1) Sex crimes up as 14 (1) Sex swap hip hop diva wanted over Claudia Aderotimi 'butt boost' death (1) Shrien (1) Shrien Dewani 'right to be worried' about handling of Anni Dewani murder case (1) Shrien Dewani Mastermind To Murder Or Paralysed Victim (1) Shrien Dewani says he and his wife (1) Shropshire man accused of triple murder appears in court (1) Sinn Fein (1) Sinn Fein leaders 'knew about bank raid' (1) Six arrests following drug raids in Glossop (1) South Africa honeymoon murder (1) South Africa honeymoon murder accused denied bail (1) South African honeymoon murder claim 'is ludicrous' (1) South African police are on the verge of revealing the motive behind the murder of Anni Dewani (1) South Norwood builder pleads guilty to smuggling cannabis (1) Spanish National Police have intercepted a British registered yacht on the high seas off the Portuguese coast (1) Staff from Browne Mackenzie (1) Stella English is a gangster's moll with a troubled past (1) Steven Purcell quizzed by cops on return (1) Student left dying in street after being stabbed by muggers (1) Suffolk (1) Suitcase death spy was not gay (1) Suspect in murder of British woman to publish writings from fugitive days (1) Swindon; and Anthony Belcher (1) Swindon; received seven years. (1) Teacher in murder quiz was having affair with sex shop girl (1) Teenage robbery gang jailed (1) Teenager stabbed to death in south London (1) Ten Ghanaians on board an Accra-New York flight of Delta Airlines (1) The Base pub in Ashington (1) The Elland Mad Dogs and the Lee Mount Loonies (1) The arrests were related to recent 'distributed denial of service' (DDoS) attacks by an online group calling themselves Anonymous (1) The detective leading a murder investigation after a man was found shot dead in a disused Smethwick factory today refused to rule out a “gangland killing”. (1) The faces of the 10 latest suspected criminals hiding from police on the "Costa del Crime" have been published (1) Three arrested over iPhone murder: (1) Three arrests after ‘massive disturbance’ in Malton (1) Three arrests and £60 (1) Three arrests over west Belfast pipe bombings (1) Tom Murphy is not a criminal. He’s a good republican (1) Travelodge in Kingston Raid on hotel results in five arrests (1) Trial of British climate protesters collapses (1) Trio in court over honeymoon murder (1) Tuesday 25 January (1) Twenty arrests over suspected £50m beer and wine fraud (1) Two Scots wanted in connection with unsolved murders are believed to be hiding out in Spain. (1) Two Sussex men and one from Surrey face extradition to Spain after a boat with £8m of cannabis destined for the UK was stopped between Morocco and Spain. (1) Two arrested in Wisbech park murder investigation (1) Two arrests over 'firearm threat' in Cumbria: (1) Two charged with Peckham murder of Sylvester Akapalara: (1) Two charges over £6million Torbay cocaine haul (1) Two gangs of men who fought a pitched battle with baseball bats (1) Two held in Galway drugs gang sting: (1) Two men accused of helping gunman Raoul Moat will face charges of attempting to murder David Rathband (1) Two men are due to appear in court charged with murdering a 55-year-old man in Belfast. (1) Two men arrested in Blackburn murder inquiry (1) Two men arrested over £1.5m cocaine seizure (1) Two men seriously injured during Samurai sword attack (1) Two men were jailed for life after an illegal immigrant was murdered and dumped in a canal following a drugs feud (1) Two more men arrested over Boxing Day gang fight (1) Two slabs of cocaine were found in a false compartment in her suitcase (1) Two teenagers who killed a man in Cheshire in a dispute over drugs have been detained for five years. (1) Two_men_on_motorbike_sought_for_murder (1) UK becomes 'cocaine capital of the western world' (1) United fans await sentence over 'Wild West saloon brawl' (1) VIOLENCE erupted in Burnley town centre on Monday afternoon when two gangs of men confronted each other with baseball bats. (1) Vince Richard Hubbard (1) Vincent Tabak charged with Joanna Yeates murder (1) WALTHAM FOREST: 367 knife crimes in past year (1) Warning over anti-virus cold calls to UK internet users (1) Wartime ‘trophy gun’ fired in gang murder of student (1) Was Browns phone hacked as well? Pressure mounts to re-open Scotland Yard enquiry (1) Wayne Bassnett shot in the head by assassin in Hale (1) Wealthy BA pilot to stand trial for 'murder of estranged wife' (1) Wednesday will see the anniversary of the killing that ended Lennon's iconoclastic career (1) West Derby (1) Whistleblowing MP shops 6 more colleagues to police over expenses fraud | (1) Widnes man shot dead in Pepper Street near Town Lane in Hale Village (1) Widowed British honeymooner Shrien Dewani will be arrested and charged with murder of his wife Anni if he returns to South Africa (1) Wilbert Dyce (1) Williams had been logging onto bondage Web sites and had visited a drag cabaret in the British capital four days before his death. (1) Woman accused of tube murder was undergoing sex change (1) Woman charged with murder of transvestite (1) Woman stands trial for double murder to which ex-lover confessed (1) Woman's body found washed up in Kent bay (1) Women jailed over bodysuit drug smuggling bid (1) Y Waen (1) Yorkshire 'car key burglary' gang locked up (1) Youth killed as Afghan groups clash (1) Zac Olumegbon (1) a British citizen (1) a class-A drug (1) a hammer and pickaxe handle in a car park (1) admitted carrying out the raid at Lostwithiel on 13 August. (1) admitted theft and fraud by false representation. (1) after he arrived at the airport on Sunday night (1) aged 32 from John Mace Road (1) alarm and distress' to people living nearby (1) and Angel Campoverde (1) and Ivan Marshall (1) and James MacPherson (1) and Jayson Hassan (1) and Rackheath (1) and Scott Taylor (1) and found to be carrying 1.515 tons of cocaine. (1) and on Christmas shoppers (1) and uses cash instead of credit cards (1) arrested over knifed pregnant teenager (1) average amount stolen equated to £1 (1) blasted 11 shots at helpless Eddie Boyd - hitting him five times - as his young daughter screamed in terror. (1) but the Navy boat crews recovered two (1) cannabis and weapons were seized by police who raided 25 houses and apartments. (1) central Clydebank (1) central London (1) charged with murder in Great Yarmouth: (1) checks into hotels under false names (1) corrupt police officer helped his drug lord brother by hiding guns and threatening witnesses (1) death of Julian Gardner (1) discovered a world where automatic pistols (1) drag cabaret (1) drugs squad found 13 mature and 35 immature plants (1) dundee-united-stars-david-goodwillie-scott-allan-arrested-after-4am-street-brawl (1) dyes his hair (1) family friendship leads to second murder investigation (1) five Italian gangsters - known locally as the Camorra - are seen sweeping into a restaurant while families are eating before marching up to a corner table where their targets are sitting. (1) fled a club soaked in blood and clutching a 6in wound (1) flew the plane but says he did not know drugs were on board. (1) former girlfriend of gunman Raoul Moat has told a court of the moment the killer shot dead her new boyfriend then turned his shotgun on her (1) found stabbed to death (1) four (1) from Ballygonney Road West In Moneymore were refused bail. (1) from Brixton Hill (1) from Deramore Gardens in Belfast and Warren Martin (1) from Fulham (1) from Moss Lane (1) from Plymouth (1) from Rushey Hey (1) from Tottenham (1) gang drugs war in Greater Manchester. (1) gangland crime in Limerick (1) gangs have shaped the streets and changed the nature of UK crime (1) grieving father of a student who was raped and murdered pleaded with her suspected killer to give himself up (1) had caused 'a great deal of harassment (1) has been charged with importing a class B drug. (1) has made a new and lengthy statement to police (1) have been accused of killing Mr Yepez (1) he claimed he was one of the main players in north London and could get hold of better weapons than Scotland Yard (1) heroin worth nearly £2 million was seized in a single drugs bust in the Scottish capital (1) highest rates of teenage alcohol-related injuries in Europe (1) highlight London's crime rate and youth alcohol problems (1) his brother Ronnie and notorious English serial killer Graham Young escaping from prison. (1) imprisonment of a woman in Wales for withdrawing rape allegations against her husband is a nightmarish addition to the discrimination awaiting women and girls who seek justice (1) in January. (1) in his mid-40s (1) including some in Rochdale (1) is due to appear at South Western Magistrates' Court in Battersea this morning (1) is the first Western on trial in an Iraqi court since a 2009 U.S.-Iraqi security agreement lifted immunity for foreign contractors. (1) jail terms totalling more than 63 years to William Byrne and 14 crooks linked to his gang. (1) just months (1) known locally as Eddie (1) made more than £1m from crime. He must pay £100 (1) major rural crime wave could break out across Wales (1) man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a man who was shot dead in south Manchester. (1) man has been shot dead by an off-duty police officer during a suspected robbery at a petrol station. (1) man in his 20s has been arrested over the murder of a champion kickboxer in Dundalk (1) moved to Thailand in 2006 to study the deadly Muay Thai fighting style (1) murdering honeymooner Anni Dewani in Cape Town (1) night-time signalling between vessels at sea and people on the shore (1) of Ansty Road (1) of Clapham (1) of Common Road (1) of Forest Gate (1) of Haig Avenue (1) of Hapton (1) of Looe (1) of Mount Avenue (1) of Oxford Road (1) of Pennyvoss Road (1) of Queen Street (1) of School Lane (1) often borrowed from friends (1) on 3 January when he was shot in the chest. (1) prison officer has been arrested after attempting to smuggle drugs into Mountjoy prison today. (1) seized 180 kilograms of ketamine in Felixstowe (1) seized a haul of scam post in a bid to tackle the UK-wide fraudulent mail blight. (1) seven men and five women found Hodgson guilty of murder at Teesside Crown Court. (1) sleeps on sofas and floors (1) south Kilmarnock and Dalkeith in Midlothian (1) stabbed both his parents to death after his mother called him a “f------ idiot” for lying in bed all morning with a hangover. (1) submachine guns and even hand grenades were being sold for as little as £50 (1) taxi firm has been denied an operator’s licence following police claims of criminal links (1) teenager was killed and another injured when two balaclava-wearing gunmen opened fire on a group of four young friends (1) the Gilnow Road gang (1) the eldest son of Viscount Trenchard (1) the famous fashion designer recently committed suicide by intake of a mixture of the cocaine (1) three dogs performing searches on vehicles entering the 14 jails across the Republic. (1) using guns in deadly drug disputes (1) was ambushed by four young men at the gates of Park Campus School in nearby West Norwood. (1) was arrested at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (1) was arrested by UK Border Agency officers in Coquelles (1) was blasted at least three times outside a relative’s home in South Cantril Avenue (1) was convicted in 2003 of hiring two “mules” to carry cocaine (1) was given three life sentences earlier this month. (1) was given three years and nine months behind bars after police found £1 million from the heist in the boot of his car. (1) was released after several hours of questioning over the shooting of Nicky Ayers (1) was shot at close range at least three times outside his daughter’s home in South Cantril Avenue (1) was shot dead in Tillingbourne Gardens (1) was sitting in a silver Volvo on Utting Avenue (1) were ambushed as they were driven through the vast shantytown of Gugulethu in South Africa (1) were among 13 men from around the country involved in the criminal group. (1) were found in 24 of the 33 pubs in and around Alnwick (1) were gunned down outside Strang House (1) were not legally married. (1) were part of a gang that brought in an estimated 16 tonnes of the drug. (1) which is in liquidation (1) who 'fired shots in party battle' arrested for attempted murder (1) who attended the hearing (1) who has already been sentenced to life imprisonment for the two killings (1) who reached No 3 in April with I Need You Tonight (1) whose ring nickname was Pitbull (1) wife of BA pilot vanishes from £3million B;B mansion (1) will be extradited over the murder of Kinga Legg (1) you can never move on with your life.'" (1) young boy has been shot dead. (1) £100m cocaine gang sentenced to 200 years in prison (1) £48k seized from Amsterdam passenger (1) £6m of drugs seized from Lancashire's streets (1) ‘Sick’ Dewani’s bail strategy (1) “Fragile” Shrien Dewani leaves hospital (1)

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